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Praise for Protégé

Having the opportunity to work beside and train with many of these exceptional industry professionals, I am grateful for their knowledge, support and comradeship. Congratulations on your career success!   

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marcia for over 25 years. She skillfully combined her advanced training work with major manufacturers and poured it into the art and science of Cosmetology.  
    She is a respected colleague with a wealth of experience in management and education processes. Her hyper logical approach to problem solving, at its core, is spot on. And it improves the more difficult the challenge. 
    One would be hard pressed to find a professional more capable of creating, fine tuning, revamping or achieving operational excellence in an education program."


Larry Kane

Owner, Jonathan Kane Salon and Spa 

President, TruNorth Consulting

"The hands on training under the direction of Marcia Bird changed my career path from stylist to educator to an artist who was confident and inspirational. I served Joewell shears for 14 years as a guest artist at many hair shows across the country. The training I received made me reach inside myself to find a part of me I didn’t know existed! Instead of stage fright I found a part of me that became anxious to share my knowledge with others! We were asked to critique ourselves as well as others to build confidence not failure. It not only changed my perspective on stage but in my daily experience in the salon. I love sharing with my clients why I do my job and how things work. I can share with them the reasons how things work in our industry that makes them trust me in making the right choices for their service. My educators were under Marcia’s direction and changed my career as a stylist and changed my confidence level as a person."

Ken Whittington, Owner

Whittington Berard The Salon

"Marcia was one of my most effective managers. She was able to push me to deliver results and help me to understand the direction and think for myself while accomplishing the company's goals. I remember the time we worked together as some of the most rewarding of my career, and it was the springboard for me to be able to drive not only my success but also that of the team."

James Jordan

Product Development Manager,

Kenra Professional

"When I graduated cosmetology school in 2010, it was so exciting to achieve this goal as I always wanted to do hair since I was a little girl. Haircutting in particular fascinated me! The training I received from Marcia Bird provided me with confidence and structure to accomplish and succeed in the beauty industry. The education was beyond the traditional experience of beauty school. I learned how to tackle the workforce and develop professional relationships that navigated me to the opportunity I have today, working for an industry icon and a true master of the craft. I am working towards becoming a global hairstylist, producing editorial work and expanding my clientele of all hair textures."

Whitney Hunt

Stylist & Haircutting Specialist

Oscar Blandi Salon

"Upon moving from the Czech Republic to the US with my former husband and two young children, I knew I wanted to establish a career for myself in Cosmetology. I enrolled in a program under the direction and training of Marcia Bird. This program not only taught me the skills to be successful as a stylist but also life skills that sustained me during the hard times of being abused. This was a life changing experience that led to a drastic change for me and my children. Those 10 months of schooling took me from the bottom to the stars. Marcia taught me how be the best and humble at the same time. Her education brought me to be the top performer at LifeSpa at LifeTime USA! I am very grateful."

Michaela McCredie, Elite Stylist

LifeSpa at LifeTime 

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